Our Approach

MAQ CPA’s 3-step approach for the Small Business Owners to achieve their Business Success

1. Create strategic plans to achieve the performance goal and put them into action

During our first consultation session with a prospect we first learn about the desired goal of the existing or prospective business owner and discuss about various alternatives of business structures and tax consequences. After a prospects is satisfied with our capabilities and expertise, the prospect signs up for our regular service and the ball starts rolling right away. We immediately discuss about and help the client to set the specific business performance goals and discuss further about tax minimization strategies. We start taking care of bookkeeping, accounting, compliance reporting, taxes, payroll and other business related matter as agreed upon.

2. Business owners now have more time and thoughts than before to spend for their core business

Step 1 frees up much more time of the business owner ever than before and s/he starts putting more time and thoughts to generate more loyal and repeat customers consistently who in turn become the ambassador of the business. The more loyal and repeat customers the business owner creates the more and growing cash flows are generated from revenues.

3. Business owners stay out of stress usually stem from non-compliances, save time and money, generate more cash flows and enjoy their peace of mind

Performance of previous steps 1 and 2 let the business owner (a) stay out of stress that usually and mostly stem from non-compliances of laws (such as tax filing), business ethics (poor or substandard products and services to customers and not caring about customer complains), etc.; (b) save a lot of time and money by getting taxes and accounting done at an affordably fixed fee structure, by avoiding payment of penalty and interest, by generating more and more steady cash flows from additional revenues; and (c) enjoy peace of mind by pursuing his/her hobbies and interests, giving more time to family and friends or giving back some to the society.