GST/HST Rebate New Housing

GST/HST Rebate New Housing

This is the area where most of the business owners/managers always worry about compliance of mandatory government return filings before the due dates. We calculate GST/HST, WSIB and EHT accurately and prepare these returns periodically and submit them within the deadline as approved for your business.

Financial Statements Preparation / Analysis

We provide you with a set of financial statements every month/quarter/year based on your needs. You can get this service along with bookkeeping services. Based on financial information provided by you, we will prepare the following financial statements:

  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Notes to the Financial Statements

To take business decision on right time, you will require analysis of your financial position and results between different periods and/or between budgeted and actual results. For example, if there is a loss in a period, you will certainly be eager to know why the loss incurred, what went wrong with your business. You will require more in-depth analysis of financial items. We will provide you that analyses based on your specific needs.

We also provide year-end assistance to businesses. This service can be tailored to your needs.

Other Accounting Tasks: These services are provided on specific requirement basis.

  • Maintaining costs by job/customer/department
  • Stock reports for quantity and value
  • Job profitability report
  • Any other specific financial reports


Benefits of off-site bookkeeping services:

  • Peace of mind
  • Helping you succeed in business
  • Cost effectiveSave money and time on payroll, hiring and layoff and avoid maintenance of big setup
  • Save money and time on payroll, hiring and layoff and avoid maintenance of big setup
  • Invest more time and thoughts to your core business


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