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About Us

We help small business owners, self-employed professionals and individuals save money on taxes and let them free up time to concentrate more on their core business to generate more cash flows, revenues and customers. We ensure this by providing our tax service, tax planning and compliance, bookkeeping and accounting services.

We are a team of dedicated tax professionals and small business bookkeepers to meet your all time needs for taxes, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, business setup and consultation. We take care of your tax and bookkeeping related matters to make sure that you – as the owner or manager of a small or mid-sized business firm – invest your time and thoughts for growth of your business. You will always find us available for consultation in taking the most appropriate decisions.

We ensure compliance of government reporting on time for such as GST/HST, WSIB, EHT, Taxes and Payroll.

Our team, comprising of tax preparers / tax specialists / bookkeepers / accountants, is equipped with updated knowledge on related laws, rules, standards, software and other required tools to provide you reliable, quality and accurate tax services maintaining the professionalism and confidentiality of your business.

Major Services:

  •     Corporate and Personal Taxes

  •     Online and Regular Bookkeeping

  •     GST/HST | WSIB | EHT Returns

  •     Financial Statements & Notice to Reader

  •     Business Setup and Consulting

  •     Accounting Software Setup and Training

Service Domain:


  •     Corporate Tax Return

  •     Business Tax Return

  •     Personal Tax Return

  •     Tax Planning

  •     Assist in CRA Tax Audit


  •     Payroll Processing and Deductions Filing

  •     WSIB, EHT Returns Preparation & Filing

  •     Issuance of T-slips and RoE

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  •     Online Bookkeeping

  •      Regular Bookkeeping (Offsite)*

  •      Restaurant Bookkeeping Services

  •     Compilation of Financial Statements

  •     Notice to Reader (NTR)

  •     GST/HST Returns Preparation & Filing

Business Setup and Consulting

  •     Business Registration/Incorporation

  •     Business Plan, Budgeting, Forecasting

  •     Annual Returns, Amendment/Dissolution

  •     Accounting Software Setup & Training

  •     Part-time Controllership Service

*Regular bookkeeping service includes monthly/quarterly bookkeeping, GST/HST/WSIB returns, payroll processing for & upto 2 staffs (extra charge for more staffs), preparation of annual financial statements and corporate/business tax return. This service is provided at a monthly flat-fee basis. 

Our tax and bookkeeping services can always be tailored to match your specific needs. 


Our Accountants and Professional Tax Prepares are well experienced in providing accounting and tax services, small business accounting services, bookkeeping services, personal income tax services, corporate tax returns, business tax returns, and other tax returns.

By choosing MAQ CPA as your Accountant, you’ll be able to:

  •     Get your taxes and bookkeeping done at an affordable fee

  •     Invest more time and thoughts to your core business for creating more loyal customers and generating higher revenues

  •     Stay free from anxiety for filing government returns, late filing penalty and interest

  •     Save money and time on payroll, hiring and layoff and avoid maintenance of big setup

  •     Stay free from anxiety during month/quarter/year-end closing and for filing tax returns 

  •     See business performance periodically and take your business decisions for success

  •     Find flexible and cost effective means

  •     Enjoy peace of mind at all time

MAQ CPA’s expertise and advantages to:

  •     calculate maximum refund or/and minimum taxes

  •     prepare unfiled tax returns for prior years

  •     prepare tax returns of any complexity level

  •     assist in CRA tax audit

  •     provide year round services

  •     maintain confidentiality, accuracy and quality

  •     serve at an affordable fee

Quality at Work

We assume full responsibility of our work. Subject to receiving required documents and information in time from you, we guarantee filing all of your returns such as GST/HST, WSIB, EHT, tax returns and payroll remittances on time according to government rules and specific approval in order to avoid penalty and interest.

We ensure:

  •     proper processing of your business transactions provided by you that produces accurate results.

  •     preparation of tax returns accurately that maximizes your tax refund or minimizes your tax owing.

  •     that a true professional team keeps devoted at your service helping you succeed in business.

  •     use of dependable, error-free, and updated software for taxes, bookkeeping and payroll.

Do you want to release your tax and bookkeeping stress on us?